Jan, Feb, March, These Months........

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In which: Mostly, it rained.
What can I say? Precious little happened in Britain, or indeed Hampshire, Lyme Regis or Norwich, for these few months, except rain. This heavy weather is enough to send any rational person to Blackpool, I am sure you did the same!
However, it is well known that by a freak of fate, artistic types become more productive when at the great crest of a serious gloom. I was inspired, so grateful am i for the exhibition of Japanese Art at the British Museum. I have been indulging myself in some new work and planning a great deal more.
I also met up with my Father, who lives in great isolation in deepest mid wales, surrounded by fields and trees, sheep and squirrels. I have a recurring vision of him, riding his bicycle (in his bedroom), heart racing, hair wafting in the wind, scarf flapping, squirrel clinging, plunging on towards the open window.............