These months…..November and December 2013

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In which Harriet gains a sword umbrella…….
So……… November and December seemed to merge in a highland gloom of watery skies, interspersed with shopping, painting, ironing, packing and eventually emerging in Lyme Regis. In time both for Christmas and a fever of wild weather, including, a charging gale and a high tide.
I'm sure you did the same.
Harriet gained an umbrella shaped like a sword, which she was keen to try out, but was left affronted and having to wait until the new year…
Henny Penny found the wind refreshing, at least that's what i took her to mean, she was very chatty on our return, at least between mouse-fuls...
I have sorted cupboards, got rid of things and de- Christmassed, Ready for the new year.
It's all good….