This Month - October

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Do Not Disturb!
So, October has been and gone. This was a surprise to me, as I was under the impression that time passed slower than that! Whoosh!!!!!!
This should not be a surprise to me really for it is October and as the fireworks start early, the month may be forgiven for rushing ahead a bit, if only to ensure it's survival. Who knows how October takes these sounds of bombardment at a time when one might otherwise expect it to be, ( bar the interruption of the ghost and ghouly festival), a reasonably quiet month. Perhaps it rushed by because it has taken the trauma personally? There was also a great deal of wind and rain, which would encourage anyone to rush by quickly!
I found myself, in this Month, often to be found cowering in the glow of my studio, the wind flying round the garden, rain pelting on my little roof and whizz bangs and whooshes flying about me. not once having to be rescued by torch light on my husbands return from work.
The cat, feeling the imminent encroachment of winter, took to carrying a flag with do not disturb on it and slept away the month. She is remarkably unaffected by fireworks. Perhaps her hearing is going?
I am working on different techniques for applying paint to ceramics.
It's all good.